Repertory Saxperience - Antonio Cánovas

Repertory Saxperience

Our ensemble aims to cover the widest range of possibilities of the repertoire written for saxophone and piano (original scores, transcriptions…), and, to that effect, we have designed different programmes to offer a varied repertoire depending on the taste of potential listeners and programmers who wish, through series, festivals and seasons, to approach a specific period or musical style.

One of our programmes allows the public to experience a quick overview of the music for saxophone from the time of its invention (mid-19th century) to the present. This includes works by Singelee, Debussy, Ibert, Milhaud and Yoshimatsu.

A second proposal focuses on Spanish contemporary music of the last 25 years and includes pieces by Román Alís, García Laborda, Manuel Ángulo, Tomás Marco and Fernándo López Blanco.

Furthermore, we can offer a concert covering a wider variety of styles made up of works from the Baroque to Contemporary with pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Schumann, Piazzolla, Villa-Lobos, etc. We are open to designing a concert programme based on any possible requests or proposals on the part of the organising parties.